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HOLZMANN MASCHINEN BS210TOP_400V Πριονοκορδέλα μετάλλου 750W

HOLZMANN MASCHINEN BS210TOP_400V Πριονοκορδέλα μετάλλου 750W

Επαγγελματικών προδιαγραφών Αυστριακής προέλευσης

- high value, precise metal band saw with rugged cast iron setup
- powerful 2-step gear driven (400V version only motor assures constantly high cutting performance
- saw frame swivels up to 60° enabling mitre cuts
- adjustable 5-point ball bearing blade guide ensuring maximal cutting accuracy, automatic end stop
- rugged cast iron vice featuring quick release lever and workpiece limit stop
- fully adjustable saw frame downfeed via hydraulic cylinder valve
- a solid machine setup with especially torsion resistant saw frame ensures vibration free run and optimal cutting results
- manometer enables precise adjustment of blade tension

included in delivery: bimetal saw blade, stand, workpiece limit stop, automatic shutoff device, coolant device, manometer

technical details:
motor data:
motor power s1 in W: 750/950
voltage: 400V / 3 / 50Hz

cutting performance:
cutting performance round Ø 90° in mm: 170
cutting performance round Ø 45° in mm: 140
cutting performance round Ø 60° in mm: 70
cutting performance lxh 90° in mm: 180x170
cutting performance lxh 45° in mm: 140x170
cutting performance lxh 60° in mm: 80x60

band saws:
saw band in mm: 2110
saw band width in mm: 20
saw band speed in m/min: 65
band wheel diameter in mm: 260

gross weight in kg: 173
net weight in kg: 145

packaging width in mm: 560
packaging length in mm: 1.150
packaging height in mm: 930

general data:
EAN code: 9120058376917