ZIPPER MASCHINEN ZI-WP700TN 5 kW / 400V Δισκοπρίονο κορμών

ZIPPER MASCHINEN ZI-WP700TN 5 kW / 400V Δισκοπρίονο κορμών

Επαγγελματικών προδιαγραφών Αυστριακής προέλευσης

- robust all-steel construction
- incl. big saw blade ø700 mm with 64 teeth
- large and stable moving device
- tool for saw blade change
- transport fixation
- phase inverter
- electronic engine brake
- fully assembled – immediately usable
- log saw edition extension
- fulfiles newest safety standards according newest applicable standards from 2017

technical details:
motor data:
motor power s6 in W: 5000 S2(15min)
voltage: 400V / 3p / 50Hz
speed in min-1: 1400
engine type: IP54

total dimensions in mm: 1175x700x1185

cutting performance:
log cutting performance in mm: max ø250 (L=300-1000mm)

circular saws:
bore in mm: ø 30
sawblade in mm: ø700

volume level and vibration:
sound power level in dB(A): 115
sound pressure level in dB(A): 101

gross weight in kg: 128
net weight in kg: 88

packaging width in mm: 750
packaging length in mm: 1.075
packaging height in mm: 1.140

general data:
EAN code: 9120039233734