ZIPPER MASCHINEN ZI-MUP750 Αντλία 3 σε 1 750W (αποστράγγισης)

ZIPPER MASCHINEN ZI-MUP750 Αντλία 3 σε 1 750W (ακαθάρτων-ομβρίων-δυνατότητα αναρρόφησης από το δάπεδο χωρίς φρεάτιο)

Επαγγελματικών προδιαγραφών Αυστριακής προέλευσης

- 3-in-1 function pump applicable for dirty water, clear water and flat water
- very flat suction (approx. up to 1 mm)
- foreign particles up to max. 35 mm
- max. pump capacity 12000 l/h
- powerful and durable ECO engine
- solid and reliable
- easy transport and quick to use
- incl. float switch

technical details:
motor data:
motor power s1 in W: 750
voltage: 230V/50Hz
cable length: 10
engine type: IP X8

max. pump capacity in m³/h: 12
max. pump height in m: 10
max. pump depth in m: 7
max. water temperature in °C: 35

gross weight in kg: 7.30
net weight in kg: 6.80

packaging width in mm: 200
packaging length in mm: 200
packaging height in mm: 380

general data:
EAN code: 9120039233260