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HOLZMANN MASCHINEN HOB260ECO_400V & TS250_400V & ABS2480_400V Σετ για δημιουργία μικρού ξυλουργικού εργαστηρίου

Το σετ περιλαμβάνει:
- HOB260ECO_400V Σύνθετο πλάνη - ξεχονδριστήρα
- TS250_400V Επιτραπέζιο δισκοπρίονο με δίσκο κοπής Φ250mm
- ABS2480_400V Συλλέκτη σκόνης 1100W

Επαγγελματικών προδιαγραφών Αυστριακής προέλευσης

HOB260ECO_400V Σύνθετο πλάνη - ξεχονδριστήρας
περιλαμβάνει τα παρακάτω αξεσουάρ:
- MEL2 μαγνητικό σετ ρύθμισης μαχαιριών πλάνης 2 τεμ αξίας 36 €
- SGM1 πάστα πλάνης 1 Kg αξίας 22 €
- ανταλλακτικά μαχαίρια πλάνης αξίας 65 €

TS250_400V Επιτραπέζιο δισκοπρίονο με δίσκο κοπής Φ250mm
περιλαμβάνει KSB254SET 3 πριονόδισκων 24T, 42T, 60T Ø 254mm σε θήκη αλουμινίου αξίας 98 €

ABS2480_400V Συλλέκτης σκόνης 1100W
περιλαμβάνει τα παρακάτω αξεσουάρ:
- 5 x σακούλες σκόνης ABSSS αξίας 18 €
- ABS100MM_10LFM σωλήνας εξαγωγής σκόνης 123 €
- ABSULF φίλτρο αέρα αξίας 47 €
- 2 x ZWS100S μούφα Ø100mm με κλαπέτο για αναρρόφηση αξίας 72 €


HOLZMANN MASCHINEN HOB260ECO_400V σύνθετο πλάνη - ξεχονδριστήρας

- solid cabinet base unit ensures high stability
- adjustable aluminium fence, 3-knife cutterblock
- collateral pivoting grey cast iron tables enable
- comfortable thicknessing
- dust collector plug allows a dust and chip-free working environment
- included in delivery: resharpenable planer knives (3pcs) (250x30x3mm),fence, operating tools, shaft cover

technical details:
max. thicknessing cutting depth in mm: 5
planer fence in mm: 700x130
fence tilt: 90-45°
planing table size in mm: 1085x256

motor data:
motor power s1 in W: 1500
motor power s6 in W: 2100
feed speed: 5.5
voltage: 400V / 3 / 50 Hz

total dimensions in mm: 1084x472x1050
table height in mm: 850
suction port in mm: 100

table size in mm: 245x590
cutting depth in mm: 2.5

general planing:
shaft diameter in mm: 75
shaft speed in min-1: 4000
cutter knives amount: 3
volume level and vibration
sound power level in dB(A): 93

net weight in kg: 140
gross weight in kg: 165

height in mm: 750
width in mm: 490
length in mm: 1.150

general data:
EAN code: 9120058373756

HOLZMANN MASCHINEN TS250_400V παγκοπρίονο με δίσκο κοπής Φ250mm

- High-grade entry-level model with a great price / performance ratio
- Very robust and stable cast iron table incl. extension table
- User-friendly, smooth and precise blade height and angle adjustment with hand wheel.
- Included in delivery: HM-saw blade 254mm, mitre fence, rip fence, table extension, sliding table

technical details:
motor data:
motor power s6 in W: 3100
speed in min-1: 4000
voltage: 400V / 50Hz

total dimensions in mm: 1450x1000x1000
table size in mm: 635x420
table extension in mm: 580
suction port in mm: 100 / 25

cutting performance:
max. cutting height 90° in mm: 80
max. cutting height 45° in mm: 65

circular saws:
sawblade in mm: 254 / 30

net weight in kg: 107
gross weight in kg: 122

height in mm: 500
width in mm: 620
length in mm: 750

general data:
EAN code: 9120058372032

HOLZMANN MASCHINEN ABS2480_400V Συλλέκτης σκόνης 1100W

- stable sheet metal construction and excellent air flow perfomance
- resistent riveted metal fan
- big chip bag capacity therefore low maintenance rate
- smart design enables high air velocity and improved (CFM) performance
- designed for steady performancy at continuous duty
- perfect cost-performance ratio
- high suction performance thanks to large filter surface
- moves around workshop effortlessly on 4 swivel casters
- included in delivery: moving device, connection hood, dust- and chip bag set

technical details:
motor data:
speed in min-1: 2950
motor power s1 in W: 1100
motor power s6 in W: 1500
voltage: 400V

max. height in mm: 2400
suction port in mm: 2x100

dust collectors:
hypotension in Pa: 1080
fan diameter in mm: 305
chip bag length in mm: 1480
chip bag diameter in mm: 500
chip bag capacity in l: 300
suction performance in m³/h: 2480

volume level and vibration:
sound pressure level in dB(A): 87.1
sound power level in dB(A): 100.1

gross weight in kg: 39
net weight in kg: 37

packaging length in mm: 920
packaging width in mm: 580
packaging height in mm: 580

general data:
EAN code: 9120039900582