GUEDE GV 4000 B - 95137 Εξαερωτής - αποβρυωτής 3,8 kW / 196 cm³

GUEDE GV 4000 B - 95137 Εξαερωτής - αποβρυωτής 3,8 kW / 196 cm³


The compressed air clamp and nailer is the ideal tool for interior fittings for fixing wooden and plasterboard panels in ceiling and wall coverings, as well as for fixing insulating foils and much more. You can choose between staples with a thickness of 1mm and a maximum length of 40mm, as well as nails with a thickness of 1.05mm and a maximum length of 40mm. Whether upholstery work or for use in decorations and interior design, the clamp and nailer is versatile and allows efficient and fast work in a variety of tasks. The safety barrier ensures optimum safety and prevents the brackets or nails from coming loose accidentally and uncontrollably. The practical suitcase ensures order, safe transport and already includes a basic requirement for different brackets and nails as standard.

Ιδιαίτερα χαρακτηριστικά:
- ισχυρός 4-χρονος κινητήρας
- προστασία από έλλειψη λαδιού
- εργονομικά διαμορφωμένη λαβή
- κεντρική ρύθμιση ύψους κοπής 7 σημείων
- σακούλα 30 l για επαρκή χρόνο εργασίας
- μεγάλοι τροχοί ομαλής κύλισης με ρουλεμάν

Εφαρμογές: Για χλοοτάπητες μικρού έως μεσαίου μεγέθους

Engine: Power-Engine S 580
Engine Type: 4-Takt
Engine power: 3,8 / 5,2 (kW / PS)
Engine size: 196 cm³
Tank capacity: 3,6 l
Fuel: Benzin
Start system: reversing start
Engine oil: 0,6 l
Drive fuel consumption: 1,3 l/h
Engine speed: 3000 1/min
Working width: 400 mm
Working height: -15 / -13 / -10 / -8 / -4 / -2 / 0 / 10 mm
Number of scarifier blades: 8 Stk.
Number of fan blades: 14 Stk.
Volume of the catcher: 30 l
Noise declared value: 103 dB
Length: 1.370 mm
Width: 987 mm
Height: 605 mm
Net. weight: 31,6 kg
Gross weight: 36,354 kg

Art.-Nr.: 95137
EAN: 4015671621160