GUEDE GPR 801 E - 94419 Μηχάνημα έμπηξης πασσάλων 25 J

GUEDE GPR 801 E - 94419 Μηχάνημα έμπηξης πασσάλων 25 J

Για τοποθέτηση μεταλλικών ή ξύλινων στύλων π.χ. αμπελώνες ή περιφράξεις κήπων


The GPR 801 E pile driver is ideal for hammering metal and wood posts of any kind in the house and garden area. The 4-way damped anti-vibration handle ensures a comfortable working by absorbing the beats and the additional soft handles make it particularly gentle on the back, neck and shoulder muscles. All controls are attached to the handle, making work very easy and clear. With our pile driver, you also get two different shots, with which you can work on piles of different diameters. The first adapter is for piles of 20-45mm diameter, the second adapter is suitable for piles of 46-80mm diameter. In a practical carrying case with wheels, the device can be transported without great effort and easily stowed everywhere.

Ιδιαίτερα χαρακτηριστικά:
- αντικραδασμική λαβή τεσσάρων κατευθύνσεων
- λαβή με ενσωματωμένα όλα τα όργανα ελέγχου
- κιβώτιο ταχυτήτων από χυτό αλουμίνιο
- μαλακή λαβή
- λαβή μεταφοράς
- προσαρμογέας 46 mm για Ø 20-45 mm
- προσαρμογέας 81 mm για Ø 46-80 mm
- θήκη μεταφοράς

Προαιρετικά διαθέσιμα:
#94301 metal adapter 33
#94303 metal adapter 33 with pin

Engine Type: 4-Takt
Engine power: 1 / 1,4 (kW / PS)
Engine size: 37,7 cm³
Engine speed: max. 6500 1/min
Tank capacity: 0,65 l
Fuel: Benzin
Start system: reversing start
Engine oil: 0,08 l
Engine oil grade: 10W40
Drive fuel consumption: 0,8 l/h
Impact energy: max. 25 J
Impacts: 2300 1/min
Connection diameter: 80 mm
Noise declared value: 110 dB
Length: 680 mm
Width: 320 mm
Height: 275 mm
Net. weight: 19,00 kg
Gross weight: 20,6 kg

Art.-Nr.: 94419
EAN: 4015671921345