Jansen GF-600pro Εκσκαφέας αυλακώσεων με 15 HP B&S

Jansen GF-600pro Εκσκαφέας αυλακώσεων με 15 HP Briggs&Stratton


The hand-guided Jansen GF-600pro Trencher instantly creates trenches and ground channels with a width of 10cm and a maximum cutting depth of 60cm.

It is the perfect solution for the clean and fast creation of trenches and ground channels. The powerful 15 HP petrol engine from Briggs&Stratton provides the necessary power. We deliberately opted for this strong engine from the Briggs&Stratton brand.

The cutting chains with 27 carbide-alloyed shaping blades are screwed onto the robust digging chain and can be individually replaced. The long blade allows a maximum cutting depth of 60cm. The excavated material is shifted aside using a screw conveyor. An excavation capacity of up to 60m per hour is possible.

The application area extends from laying underground cables e.g. for domestic garden lighting, to laying pipelines for garden irrigation, to adding drainage, among many other things. Thanks to the Jansen GF-600pro Trencher, you remain flexible and independent and save the hard cash otherwise needed for expensive mini-excavators. What's more, in comparison to heavy equipment, the trencher does not cause major damage to your garden. The compact model also allows a passage width of 95cm. It can therefore effortlessly access almost any garden or yard.

Technical specifications:
Engine: 15 HP petrol engine, 4-stroke, Briggs&Stratton
Excavation capacity: 60m/hour
Digging width: 100mm
Digging depth: 200, 400, 600mm
Cutting teeth: 27 teeth with carbide alloying
Chain length: 2057mm
Chain speed: max. 550 m/min.
Tyres: 15x6.00-6
Assembled dimensions: 2172x950x1168mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 184kg
Packaging dimensions: 1100x800x900mm (LxWxH)
Weight on dispatch: 220kg

The machine is delivered well packed in a wooden crate. You should allow approx. 1 hour for final assembly. Assembly is very simple, however we recommend getting a second person to help you. You will also need approx. 1.5 litres of engine oil for the engine. We recommend 10W40 or 15W40 multi-grade oil. Assembly instructions and an instruction manual in German are included.

Important Note:
Important note on the digging chain: The digging chain is a wearing part and is excluded from the warranty. The digging chain is of high quality, but can be damaged in difficult soil conditions and of course also with larger objects, stones or tree roots in the ground. This happens rarely, but you cannot rule it out. Since we do not know the soil conditions, we cannot guarantee this.