DECA SIL415 welder Inverter 150 Amp

DECA SIL415 welder Inverter 150 Amp
DECA SIL415 welder Inverter 150 Amp.

Direct current STICK arc welder and TIG, inverter technology
DC: the output current is direct, either electrode positive (DCEP) or electrode negative (DCEN). It allows to weld with many types of electrodes and materials: rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.
TIG "Scratch" with scratch striking: It's ideal for anyone who requires the finesse available only from TIG process. You can weld: steel, stainless steel, copper, nickel etc.
HOT START: built-in "hot start" for easy electrode striking. Useful especially for "difficult-to-start" electrodes
ANTI-STICKING:: no electrode sticking.
ARC FORCE: it gives additional amperage during short arc length conditions while welding.
Thermostatical protection
* Overvoltage, motogenerator +/- 15%
Primary cable with Schuko plug 2,0m
instruction manual.
Comes complete with:
Cables with earth clamp and electrode holder.
plastic carry-case.

Alimentation (volt 50/60 Hz): 1 Ph x 230
Fuse (Amp): 16
Installation Power (Kw): 3,0
Open circuit voltage (Volt): 102
Welding current range: 10 - 150
Usable electrodes (Ø mm): 1,6 - 4,0
Duty Cycle (Amp) (DECA use at 20°C): 150 @ 60%
Duty Cycle (Amp) (EN 60974-1 40°C): 140 @ 7%
Dimensions (mm): 132 x 335 x 206

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